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Latest news about artist, David Downes, including details of commissions, exhibitions and new works.

David shares about his Autism

David shares about his autism, the challenges at school and how his late diagnosis affected him. Read more

David Downes Mural for ITV

Sit back and enjoy this short film about David and the week he painted for ITV a giant mural of a fictional seaside town inspired by Jane Austen. Read more

David Downes Commissioned by ITV

ITV commissions artist David Downes to create a huge mural painting celebrating new period drama Sanditon. Read more

Drawn to N16 Exhibition

David Downes has lived in Stokey for 20 years and had wanted to host a small exhibition in Stoke Newington for some time. Read more

David Downes Commissioned by the Savoy Hotel in London

David Downes was commissioned by the Savoy Hotel in London to record the Diamond Jubilee pageant which can now be viewed in the foyer of the Savoy Hotel and will be on display for the next 150 years. Read more

The Renaissance Hotel – Summer Charity Ball

David Downes Artwork Sells for £10,000 at Charity Auction. Read more

London Seen – The City In A New Light Exhibition

A group of Artists including David Downes each present their distinct and original vision of London, in the heart of the capital. Read more